Butterfly Princess Poetry


I thought I’d share the inspiration for my blog title…..Butterfly Princess.  When considering what this blog would primarily be about and what “unique” name I could come up with for my title, I considered my poetry.  Two of my favorite poem’s that I’ve written are “The Princess & The Dragon” and “Butterfly….Finding My Wings”.  Aha!  Butterfly Princess sounded great.

Now, I had no idea that the “Butterfly Princess” was a real thing.  When I searched for an image on Google, I was surprised.  Oh well, I decided to continue on with the name anyway-as it has special meaning to me.

I’m posting the two poem’s that inspired the name.  “The Princess & The Dragon” is above in image form and below in case the image form is too hard to read.  “Butterfly….Finding My Wings” follows.

The Princess & The Dragon

Once upon a time
Far, far away
You were my prince
The light in my day

I was tucked away
A dragon protecting my castle
No one dared enter
It was too much of a hassle

You fought the dragon
Without weapons or swords
You pushed past with love
And by using your words

The dragon retreated
Although he stayed close by
In case you turned out to be
Just another guy

You gave me a world
I never expected or knew
People said how happy they were for me
They said I was due

I’ve never felt like a princess
I’ve never felt worthy
You brought out my sweet side
You made me feel girlie

Our love was like magic
Like fireworks and sparks
We could have fun doing anything
Even just a trip to the park

Butterflies in my stomach
Grinning ear to ear
Always happy and carefree
Whenever you were near

It was a love like no other
It was a love so strong
We expressed our love so many ways
Through words, intimacy and songs

But something happened
As we were planning for our future
I found out some secrets
I can only describe them as torture

It took a long time
To work through the damage
But your lies kept coming
They ripped off the bandage

Unwilling to change
Unable to cope
You took away your love
You took away my hope

My fairy tale ended
I didn’t get my happy ending
There won’t be butterflies
There will be no mending

Do I go back to the castle
The dragon guarding my heart
I’m not sure I want him
But I’m falling apart

You see, not every fairy tale
Ends with the princess being saved
But she learns and she grows
Her path is being paved

I’m saying goodbye to the dragon
My emotions and actions I will own
I won’t be waiting for a prince to save me
I will make my own throne

Butterfly…..finding my wings

My mind, so conflicted
Am I right or am I wrong
I go back and forth so often
These decisions take too long

Am I to blame for the fighting
Am I driving people away
After all, I do have abandonment issues
That I deal with day by day

And yet, I feel so wronged
I’ve been trying really hard
No matter how I approach a situation
Even when I drop my guard

Is it wrong to want communication
I understand you don’t want conflict
But when your actions hurt another
Shouldn’t you talk and discuss it

I seem to surround myself with people
Who allow me to repeat my past
But with all the progress I’ve made in healing
I wonder how much longer that will last

I feel myself getting stronger
It took extreme lows to find my strength
It’s all part of the journey to growth
And for that, those people I will thank

A caterpillar must hide within itself
Before it can fly a beautiful butterfly
I too, must find myself within
I must find my wings to fly

My past may not have been fair
My present may be too confusing
But my future looks promising
If I can continue on this journey

Thank you for reading!


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