Fall Decorating on a Budget



I love fall!  I love decorating for fall!  However, I don’t have a ton of money to purchase fall decorations.  I’ve accumulated many through the years, but I always want something new/something different.  Hell, don’t we all?

Pinterest offered me up an idea to make bows for pumpkins!  So I dug into one of my Christmas boxes, yes-I said Christmas, and found ribbon that looked like it belonged to fall weather.  I wrapped the pumpkins on the sides and then made a bow for the top.  I used an old candle holder to display the pumpkins.






When all else fails, turn to Pinterest right!  Once again, Pinterest inspired a second idea of mine.  I had seen where people had made pumpkins into candle holders.  So, I got some of those tiny pumpkins in the grocery store and tealights.  I cut a hole in the top of the pumpkins and placed the tealights in.  Once I was done I actually placed the pumpkins on one of my wall candle holders.  The ambiance was beautiful!  A word of advice though, once the pumpkins are cut into-they won’t last more than a week.  So be prepared to replace them routinely if you plan to use this decoration for a period of time.  It’s definitely worth it and a bag of those suckers barely costs anything.





I wanted a wreath.  So, I made a trip to the dollar tree and purchased one of those wooden (kinda) circle bases.  I purchased several of their fake flower bunches and a $1 scarecrow.  I cut all of the flowers off of the bunches and hot glued them to cloth ribbon that I had strung around the circle base.  I used a color that would not show through the flowers.  Then, I hot glued my scarecrow so that it came out as one piece.






While at the dollar store, I purchased wine glasses, candles and a little box of their fake leaves that you can scatter.  I made the following candle holders.





Once combined with my accumulated decorations, my mantle/fireplace came out very “fallish”!  I love it =)









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