Broken People Break Others

Life was so beautiful when you were here
Your presence was sweet music ringing in my ears
The silence that came when you were gone
The darkness that arrived in place of the sun

Without your sweet music, I have no reason to dance
The silence is unbearable, so I fill it with rants
Why feel the pain that destroys me inside
When I can cover it with anger to run and hide

I did a good job for a couple of years
I held back the pain, I held back the tears
Then like a dam broke, to the surface feelings rushed
Talk about pain, talk about crushed

Holding it in all of those years made me weak
Now I can’t deal, I can’t breath – I can’t speak
I yearn for you in ways that you can never know
Through social media, I’m watching you grow

When family collapses, it’s so hard to understand
These are the people who are always supposed to hold your hand
What happened is beyond comprehension in my mind
What happened has taken away all of our time

Your little hearts broken all over the floor
While you sit and watch, hoping I’ll come through the door
I sit here thinking that she must be a monster
But I know that broken people break others, give that one a ponder 

This poem was written about my three beautiful sisters – ages 10, 14 and 17.  I helped raise the oldest when she was young.  3 years ago, my mother yanked them from my life. 


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