Repeating the Past




I remember it like it were yesterday.  After weeks of hearing my step mom telling my dad to “get rid” of me, I knew before I was told what was happening.

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Tearing Down the Dam

Inside my body, you’ll find my soul
It’s a little bruised though, pain taking its toll
Like a dam in the river, bad energies stuck
Never leaving my body, always running amuck

I chose to ignore them, I chose to run and hide
Telling myself I was alright, to my own heart I lied
Now I take down that dam that I built back then
I have to go slow though, so the walls don’t cave in

At first it was tough, the water poured right out
‘I can’t handle this’, to myself I did shout
And although it’s still flowing and causing despair
I know I can handle it, I’m almost there

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One of my poems

What’s in a memory, a picture, a song
All sorts of reminders of things that are gone

Some memory’s are good
Some memory’s are great
Others make us tearful
Some make us faint

Memories are important
They help you move on
They remind you of the good times
Even those that are gone

They arrive in all sorts of ways
Some are a surprise
Triggered by something we here
Or see with our eyes

When sorting through memories
You may be surprised
At those you that you forgot
And the ones that gave you warmth inside

No matter the memory
The good and the bad
You must feel the emotions
The joy and the sad

You may not want to remember some
You may say how
But each played an important role
In who you are now

I am me because of my future
I am me because of my past
And although today I feel lost
I know it won’t last

My memories help me
They help heal my past
They remind me of the good
I love that they last

This poem was composed on Poet’s Corner. If you want to learn to write poetry come join the family –

Seek First to Understand; Then to be Understood


Stephen Covey’s book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” serves as one of my two work “bible’s”.  The book is an amazing leadership tool, as well as something to pass along to all employee’s.

Not only that, but my children’s elementary school began implementing the child’s version of these habits.  The habits are the same.  It’s the examples and explanations that are tailored to the children.  Unfortunately we moved the following year and only got a chance to spend one school year under that program.

I will get into that more later though.  Today’s focus is Habit #5-Seek first to understand; then to be understood.  I want to focus on this habit because we all think that we do a great job of listening to others.  However, do we really?

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Butterfly Princess Poetry


I thought I’d share the inspiration for my blog title…..Butterfly Princess.  When considering what this blog would primarily be about and what “unique” name I could come up with for my title, I considered my poetry.  Two of my favorite poem’s that I’ve written are “The Princess & The Dragon” and “Butterfly….Finding My Wings”.  Aha!  Butterfly Princess sounded great.

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