Could someone write
An entire poem about pink
Give me a minute
To ponder and think

Pink is the color
That girlie girls love
Beautiful and innocent
Just like a dove

Pink makes me happy
I’m sure it sounds silly
But want me to do something
Add pink……… No, really

A tomboy at heart
I never liked pink
I never was girlie
Not even a wink

A transformation happened
In my twenties somewhere
Started painting my nails,
Wearing skirts and ‘doing’ my hair

On my way through this change
I evolved and I grew
I discovered parts of myself
That I never knew

Those parts had been dirt covered
And held down by rocks
Once I spread my wings
I pulled them out of the box

The feeling was unique
I felt bold and so pretty
I came out of my shell
I became ‘girlie’ and ‘giddy’

Light pink is sweet
A dream color for a princess
Decorating her home
And making it the color of her dress

Hot pink’s a bit different
Energizing the room
It’s vibrance gives life
Make it the color of my tomb

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